What Is BTU To Watts?

How many BTU is 8000 watts?

A BTU/hour is about 0.293 watts….Convert 8,000 BTUs per Hour to Watts.BTU/hrW8,0002,344.68,0102,347.58,0202,350.48,0302,353.496 more rows.

How many watts is a BTU?

Watts to BTU/hr conversion tablePower (watt)Power (BTU/hr)1 W3.412142 BTU/hr10 W34.121416 BTU/hr100 W341.214163 BTU/hr1000 W3412.141633 BTU/hr1 more row

What is the wattage of a 5000 BTU air conditioner?

500WAn average 5,000 BTU air conditioner uses 500W of energy running at full capacity.

How many BTU do I need per square foot?

Size and Ceiling HeightArea To Be Cooled (square feet)Capacity Needed (BTUs per hour)450 to 55012,000550 to 70014,000700 to 1,00018,0001,000 to 1,20021,00010 more rows

How do you calculate heat dissipation from Watts?

Heat Dissipation in Electrical EnclosuresDetermine input power in watts per square feet by dividing the heat dissipated in the enclosure (in watts) by the enclosure surface area (in square feet).Locate on the graph the appropriate input power on the horizontal axis and draw a line vertically until it intersects the temperature rise curve.More items…

How do you convert BTU to Watts?

For W to BTU/h conversions, 1 W is equal to 3.41 BTU/h. Therefore to convert BTU/h into Watts you need to divide by 3.41; to convert Watts into BTU/h you need to multiply by 3.41.

How many BTU is 15000 watts?

Buying a Portable RV GeneratorSize of Air ConditionerApproximate Starting WattsApproximate Running Watts13,500 btu2800-3000W1500-2000W15,000 btu3300-3500W1300-1800W

How much electricity does a 12000 BTU air conditioner use?

Power Consumption Of 12,000 BTU Air Conditioners (1 Ton/3.5 kW) 12,000 BTU air conditioner units consume 991 (EER: 12.1) to 1,333 watts (EER: 9, which is a bit low for these units, by today’s standards). An EER of 11.3 is average for new 12,000 BTU window units, translating to a wattage of 1,061 Watts.

How many amps does a 60000 BTU air conditioner use?

KCA6023 | 60,000 BTU (5-ton) | 230V / 40 Amp | Three Phase – Portable Cooling Systems.

How many BTU is 2000 watts?

6,824.3Convert 2,000 Watts to BTUs per HourWBTU/hr2,0006,824.32,0106,858.42,0206,892.52,0306,926.696 more rows

How many watts is 24000 Btu?

Central Air Conditioning A typical 2-ton central air unit that puts out 24,000 BTUs will draw between 15 and 20 amps. how many watts does an AC use? An average central ac will use 3000 to 5000 watts of power for around 9 hours a day during the hotter months.

How many BTUs is 1500 watts?

A standard space heater provides approximately 5,100 BTUs, or 1,500 watts. That means that a standard size space heater is more than sufficient for a room with 144 square feet.

What is 10000 Btu in Watts?

BTU/hr to watts conversion tablePower (BTU/hr)Power (watt)10 BTU/hr2.930710 W100 BTU/hr29.307107 W1000 BTU/hr293.071070 W10000 BTU/hr2930.710700 W1 more row

How many kW is in a ton?

3.5 kWA ton of refrigeration is approximately equal to 12,000 BTU/h or 3.5 kW.

How many watts does a 18000 BTU air conditioner use?

How much electricity will an 18,000 BTU air conditioner consume in a 24 hour period. The simplest of answers is a mathematical equation. 18,000 BTU’s/hr 3.412142 = 5275.28 watts/hr.