Question: What Is The Healthiest Dip For Vegetables?

Is Spinach Dip healthy?

Traditional spinach artichoke dip is not a healthy starter.

A typical order has about 1,600 calories, 100 grams of fat, and 2,500 milligrams of sodium.

The trouble is the cream base, which is loaded with saturated fat.

If you make this dip at home, use a base of nonfat Greek yogurt instead..

Is hummus high in calories?

Most definitely not. Hummus – made from a blend of chickpeas, seasame paste, olive oil, lemon and cumin – is a healthy snack packed with protein, fibre, good fats and vitamins. However, the oil and the seasame send that calorie count rocketing sky high – a single cup of standard hummus is about 435 calories!

Can you heat store bought spinach dip?

Remove dip from packaging and place in microwave-safe container. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir, then microwave for an additional 20 seconds or until dip is heated throughout.

What is the best store bought veggie dip?

Brands We LoveHeluva Good French Onion Dip. Textbook onion seasoning with a sour-creamy tang.Cedar’s Cucumber Garlic Dill Tzatziki. Zingy, herbaceous and creamy-without being too thick.Sabra Farmer’s Ranch Tzatziki. … La Terra Fina Spinach & Parmesan Dip & Spread.

What dip has the least calories?

Made with a yoghurt and cucumber base, tzatziki is one of the healthiest dips you can have. With less than 30 calories per serve and around 1g of fat, tzatziki is a perfect substitute for aioli and mayonnaise as a creamy dipping sauce.

Salsa was the most popular dip, followed by French onion and guacamole. However, respondents noted that chip-dip pairings mattered: French onion for potato chips, and salsa and guacamole scored high for tortilla chips.

What is the best store bought spinach dip?

I tried 5 store-bought spinach dips and Trader Joe’s came out on…I tried five spinach dips by Marzetti, Cedar’s, Archer Farms, Tostitos, and Trader Joe’s, and found they were all very different from each other.The sour cream and spinach-heavy dip from Trader Joe’s came out on top, while the Marzetti spinach dip was too thick for me.More items…•

What can I dip my veggies in?

6 Delicious dips to dress up your raw veggiesTasty Tzatziki. With a few ingredients and a smidge of effort you can put together this delicious Greek dip in no time. … Yummy Hummy-us. We love Hummus. … White Bean dip. White Bean dip at its base is quite similar to traditional hummus. … Holy Guacamole. … Greek Yogurt Ranch dip. … Beet and Goats Cheese dip.

Is Homemade hummus good for you?

Hummus is a popular Middle Eastern dip and spread that is packed with vitamins and minerals. Research has linked hummus and its ingredients to a variety of impressive health benefits, including helping fight inflammation, improving blood sugar control, better digestive health, lower heart disease risk and weight loss.

What snacks to eat with celery?

Hummus Recipes To Scoop Up with Celery:Slow Roasted Tomato Hummus from Kalyn’s Kitchen. Parsley Hummus from Kalyn’s Kitchen. … White Bean and Artichoke Dip from Kalyn’s Kitchen. … Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese Dip with Dill from Kalyn’s Kitchen. … Deviled Ham Spread from Kalyn’s Kitchen.

What is healthier hummus or tzatziki?

Health-wise, tzatziki contains only 54 calories per a 45 gram serving; it also comes with only 8 grams of carbohydrates and a negligible amount of sodium. Which to Pick? If you make your determination based on health concerns, then hummus is clearly the less healthy dip, with high sodium being a particular concern.

What is the healthiest dip?

7 Healthy Dip RecipesCilantro Lime Avocado Dip. A creamy, tangy dip filled with healthy fats. … Pesto Broccoli Rabe Hummus. … Bold Beet Dip. … Cucumber Feta Greek Yogurt Dip. … Creamy Avocado Mango Salsa. … Eggplant Hummus. … Peanut Butter Cinnamon Yogurt Dip.

What is healthy to dip carrots in?

Combine low-fat, plain yogurt with garlic powder and fresh dill for a dip that supplies about 25 percent of your daily calcium needs. A dip made with low-fat plain yogurt, honey and ground cinnamon complements the mildly sweet flavor of carrots and also supplies calcium and protein.

What is a good dip for celery?

Looking for the perfect dip for that bag of carrots sticks or cut celery? I’ve got the answer for you with The Best Veggie Dip Ever!…Looking for other great snacks? Check these out:Spicy Ranch Chex Mix.Ham and Gouda Sliders.Spicy Chicken Cheeseballs.Ranch Pickle Chex Mix.

What’s good to dip cucumbers in?

Try these sliced cucumber flavor matches:cucumber + vinegar (balsamic, cider, red wine, rice wine, sherry, tarragon, white wine)cucumber + sea salt.cucumber + sugar (a pinch)cucumber + chopped dill.cucumber + chopped basil.cucumber + sliced tomato.cucumber + chopped cilantro.cucumber + sour cream.More items…