Question: What Are The Most Popular Beers To Serve At A Wedding?

What drinks should be served at a wedding?

As mentioned, non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails go down well, as do cocktails, mulled wine, Pimms, Champagne, the standard red and white wine, and beer.

Sparkling alternatives to Champagne are becoming increasingly popular, are more affordable, and are often enjoyed more than real Champagne..

How do you calculate drinks for a wedding?

Let’s start with a simple equation: If you are planning a wedding for 150 guests who are consuming drinks at a rate of 1 1/2 drinks per hour for 5 hours of service and you have a fully stocked bar with a total of 9 different liquors and 12 bags of ice, how many…

Is it cheaper to get a keg or cases of beer?

The cost of having a keg is actually slightly more than canned beer if you can find it on sale. Given the perception that buying in bulk is usually cheaper, this was a surprise to me. The bottom line is, the cost of having keg beer and canned beer is very similar.

How much should you spend on alcohol for a wedding?

Use this as a rule of thumb – these are averages for the number of bottles needed per hour per guest: For every 25 guests, you will need 17 bottles of beer, 4 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of liquor (per hour). For every 50 guests, you will need 34 bottles of beer, 7 bottles of wine and 2 bottle of liquor (per hour).

The 7 Best Cocktails to Order at a Basic Wedding BarGin Martini – Gin, Dry Vermouth, Olives/Lemon (optional garnish) … Whiskey Ginger – Whiskey, Ginger Ale. … Kalimotxo – Red Wine, Cola. … Gin and Tonic – Gin, Tonic. … Old Fashioned – Whiskey, Sugar, Bitters, Cherry (optional garnish) … Manhattan – Whiskey (Rye if available), Sweet Vermouth, Bitters, Maraschino Cherry.More items…•

How much beer do I need for 100 guests?

If you have 100 guests, purchasing 7 cases of beer (24 bottles per case = 168 bottles) will most likely be more than sufficient as not everyone will want to drink beer. In general, evening receptions tend to consume more red wine than white wine.

How many beers do I need for 150 guests?

150 GUESTS: 266 bottles of beer. 22 bottles of liquor (750 ml)

How many bottles of wine do I need for 100 people Wedding?

So, for 100 guests, you would need 200 glasses (at two glasses each), which translates into 34 bottles. There are 12 bottles in a case, so you’ll need three cases (36 bottles).

How many beers does the average person drink at a wedding?

As a general rule of thumb, plan to serve one drink per guest per hour of reception. In other words, if you’re having a four-hour reception with 100 guests, provide 400 servings of alcohol. Full bars typically offer beer, wine, and liquor.

How do you calculate beer for a wedding?

To figure out how many bottles you need, just divide the number of liquor drinks needed by 16 to be safe. Remember that for each bottle of liquor, you will need to figure in about 1 quart of mixers for every 3 guests or for every bottle of liquor figure in 3 bottles of mixers.

Is it cheaper to provide your own alcohol for a wedding?

1. Buy Your Own Booze. Buying booze at your go-to spot is a lot cheaper than purchasing drinks directly through a caterer. If your venue and caterer let you supply your own liquor, wine, and beer, you can hand-select your favorite brands without breaking the bank.

What is a good signature drink for a wedding?

50 Signature Wedding CocktailsBerry Rose Mojito. Get your cocktail hour on with a winning mix of strawberries, lime, mint, sugar and most importantly, sparkling rosé. … Pretty-in-Pink Mimosa. … Beer Margarita. … Ginger Grapefruit Bourbon Sour. … Lavender Collins Cocktail. … Purple Rain Perfection. … Autumn Harvest Sangria. … Magical Margarita.More items…•

How much beer do I need for 50 guests?

Fully Stocked BarGuests10-2535-60Aperitif12Cordial22Beer (bottles/cans)5080The Mixers (2-liter bottles)––28 more rows•May 4, 2016

What do wedding cakes cost?

How much does an average wedding cake cost? Again, this varies quite a bit but generally my wedding clients will spend somewhere between $500-$700. Keeping in mind that I only offer my cakes on a small-medium scale, which will feed up to around 100 guests.

How many kegs do I need for a 150 person wedding?

“If you plan on about one drink per hour per guest for a 150-person reception that lasts 5 hours, you’d need around 750 drinks.” So that would mean, if you’re only serving beer, you could use up to six kegs or nearly 30 24-packs of bottles or cans.