Can You Refill Blade Kegs?

Can you refill blade beer kegs?

6x 8L keg refills for the Heineken Blade Counter-top Beer Machine.

Can only be used with the machine.

The refill set contains: 3x Heineken 8L Kegs (5% alcohol vol).

Can you refill perfect draft kegs?

Basically, these kegs have a foil bag that contains the carbonated beer. The system pumps air into the void between the keg itself and the bag to push the beer out. The system for refilling these thus involves, simply sucking the air back out with the beer outlet connected to whatever you want to suck back in.

Where can I buy blade kegs?

Blade BrewLock Countertop Draught System is available for $437 plus tax and shipping. To order, call Micro Matic USA at 833 MYBLADE, email at, or contact your Distributor representative. The initial Blade launch will be in select markets with Heineken® & Birra Moretti kegs.

How long do blade kegs last?

30 daysOnce the keg is installed in Blade, it will stay fresh for up to 30 days.

What is a beer blade?

Blade® is a professional beer draught system. Blade’s small footprint and innovative compression system that doesn’t require CO2 or other gasses allows you to serve premium draught beer from any countertop.

What is a sub keg?

A SUB Keg holds two litres of beer. This corresponds to about four 50cl pints. … No, SUB Kegs are designed specifically for THE SUB.

What is the smallest keg you can buy?

Comparing Keg Sizes & Types:Capacity (gal / oz)Width (Diameter)Mini Keg1.32 / 1696¾”Cornelius Keg5.0 / 6409″Sixth Barrel5.16 / 6619¼”Quarter Barrel7.75 / 99216⅛”4 more rows

How many pints are in a blade keg?

You can pour small 30 beers or 14 full pints from a BLADE Keg, of which there are already 8 to choose from. We have popular beers; Heineken, Heineken 0.0, Birra Moretti, Affligem, Tiger, Edelweiss Hefetrüb and more.

Where can I buy beer Torps?

You can order their TORPS of beer from their online store at

How many pints is 2 Litres of beer?

Liters to UK Pints tableLitersUK Pints1 L1.76 pt2 L3.52 pt3 L5.28 pt4 L7.04 pt16 more rows

Are kegs worth it?

A keg in the U.S. is half a barrel, which is 15.5 gallons of beer — approximately equal to 165 12-ounce bottles of beer. So, if you’re having a party with 40 people, everyone gets around four drinks. … Even if you’re having a smaller get-together, a keg could be worth it, depending on how long everyone will be there.

How long do beer Hawk kegs last?

30 daysOne keg lasts for up to 30 days. The PerfectDraft Home Beer Tap chills a 6-litre keg to 3 degrees in 12 hours or less.