Can You Fill Your Own Keg?

How long will a tapped keg last?

A good rule of thumb is that the shelf life for a keg of pasteurized beer is about 90-120 days (or 3-4 months), and unpasteurized draft beer will last about 45-60 days (or 6-8 weeks) when stored at the proper temperature..

How many gallons are in a keg?

Keg Sizing Information 1/2 barrel = 15.5 gallons = 124 pints = 165 12oz bottles – (Full Size Keg) 1/4 barrel = 7.75 gallons = 62 pints = 83 12oz bottles (Pony Keg)

How do you know when a keg is full?

When doing a closed loop transfer by gravity you know the receiving keg is full when beer starts to bubble out of the gas port into the line. If you’re doing multiple kegs then just change the disconnects over to the next keg and continue.

How much co2 does it take to force carbonate a keg?

Take Aways: Rule of thumb for estimating weigh to CO2 in a keg – 1/2 gram per gallon per PSI. Purging a 5 gallon keg will take at least 36.75 grams of CO2 (14.7 x . 5 x 5).

Can you refill a keg?

Half-barrel sized kegs store the equivalent of 165 cans of beer – lasting at least six-to-eight weeks refrigerated before it starts to lose its freshness. The reusable keg can then be refilled, reducing waste and saving you time and money on more frequent beer runs. Kegs are also extremely durable and long-lasting.

Do you have to fill a keg all the way?

You’ll just have more CO2 in the keg when it’s half full. Make sure you still purge it properly once you fill them. I use 2.5 and 3 gallon kegs for my beer (more 3 gallon kegs, since I get 6 gallons out). If you’re going to be splitting 5 gallon batches often, into kegs, you might want to get the smaller kegs too.

What can I do with an old keg?

Top 10 ways to recycle a beer kegAn unconventional Christmas tree.A stylish place to perch. … Beer-illiant bar stools. … A cleverly concealed guitar amplifier. … A weighty workout tool. … A beer-based mailbox. … A tasty Tandoor oven. … Industrial-chic urinals. A fitting end for a hard-working beer keg?More items…•

Can you naturally carbonate beer in a keg?

Of course you can naturally carbonate in a keg by adding the correct amount of sugars and keeping it warm for about two weeks but most people prefer to ‘force’ the carbonation into the beer using a CO2 cylinder. … Pressure and temperature are both related and determine the carbonation level of the beer.

What PSI should I Carbonate my beer at?

For lagers, a regulator set between 10 and 14 psi works best. Continental and light pilsners require slightly higher CO2 regulator settings, from 11 to 16 psi. Wheat beers, Belgian beers, and common American sours are generally the most carbonated beers, requiring about 15 to 20 psi.

How full should I fill my corny keg?

If you connect and disconnect (with 35 or 40 psi) then more headspace will carbonate faster as there is more volume at 40 psi and the pressure will drop more slowly as the beer absorbs the CO2 trapped in the top of the keg. My preferred method: Beer should be chilled to 31-32 deg. Fill keg to just below IN tube.

How many cups can a keg fill?

This is what most people know as “a keg,” but the half barrel name throws them off. One of these has 15.5 gallons of beer in it. That means you can get 165 12 oz. beers from it, or 124 16 oz.

How much is an empty keg worth?

At 30 pounds empty weight, a typical stainless steel keg might be worth around $24 (January 2013 scrap price for 304 stainless steel of ~80 cents per pound). While the price of scrap fluctuates, recent history has shown that the scrap value of a keg is easily the same or higher than a typical $20-30 deposit.

When should I tap a keg?

Do not agitate the keg. If there has been excessive agitation during transportation, allow the keg to settle for 1 to 2 hours before tapping. Make sure the beer faucet is in the off position prior to tapping.

Should you untap a keg overnight?

In the sense that you are asking, no it won’t do anything to spoil the beer. Just do exactly as you say and unhook the keg, leaving the keg pressurized. You must log in or register to reply here.

How long does it take to fill a keg?

about 7 minutesIt will take about 7 minutes to fill the kegs. One might fill faster than the others, but it is best to let all finish filling first before moving on, because starting a new keg just moves the CO2 first… Once the kegs are full some beer will spill out the chamber and that will stop the filling operation.

Can a keg be tapped twice?

you can tap a keg, dispense half, set it aside, re-tap… etc. the frequency you tap does not matter. temperature is the most important thing. do not allow the beer to ever get warm, and the closer you can keep it at 38 will increase the fresh life of the beer.

Can you put bottled beer in a keg?

2 Answers. I have done this with homebrew beer, but never commercially-bottled beer. … You will significantly shorten the beer’s lifespan due to the oxygenation, but if you fill the keg as full as you can so there’s little to no airspace at the top and you’re drinking it all that day, you’ll be fine.

What is a Pony Keg?

A quarter barrel, more commonly known as pony keg, is a beer vessel containing approximately 7.75 U.S. gallons (29.33 liters) of fluid. It is half the size of the standard beer keg and equivalent to a quarter of a barrel.

How many cans of beer are in a keg?

165 cansThere are approximatly 165 cans (12oz) beers in a standard 15.5 gallon keg.

What’s the smallest keg you can buy?

Comparing Keg Sizes & Types:Capacity (gal / oz)Width (Diameter)Mini Keg1.32 / 1696¾”Cornelius Keg5.0 / 6409″Sixth Barrel5.16 / 6619¼”Quarter Barrel7.75 / 99216⅛”4 more rows