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Do you remember the exhausting screenshot-patchwork-making process prior to a website responsiveness presentation? ( do we). That's why we prepared a presentation tool that shows the responsive view on multiple devices with a single load. Just imagine how much faster it is to scroll through the design in a panoramic view.
Presenting resonsively designed websites OnDevice
Website responsiveness presentation OnDevice
Presenting responsiveness of website with OnDevice presentation tool

Full responsive view

Respect your time. You surely prefer creating rather then tinkering in tools and IDEs or digging for device specs to prepare a website responsiveness presentation. Here you have all the research done for you. The most common devices and mobile screen sizes with all the display information needed, ready for cross-testing, quick bug searching and responsive website presentation.
  • Comparable devices panorama website responsiveness presentation Panorama website presentation

    To see all the devices in a blink of an eye

  • Mobile screen sizes of OnDeviceApp responsiveness presentation tool Full range responsive view

    To show on mobile and UHD at the same time

  • Presentation mode resposnively designed website presentation tool Responsively presented design

    To make the website presentation as live as possible

Show the real
to seal the deal

Have you been wondering how to create a pulsating website responsiveness presentation that keeps the client focused and excited, without loading the responsively designed website on dosens of devices? You can do it OnDevice, the website responsiveness presentation tool, loading the website from your Localhost and yet ensuring a device lab experience.
Present your responsively designed website OnDevice -

You can show a scalable, inspectable, rotatable website responsiveness preview that explains itself. Also, for a comprehensive website presentation, On Device gives you the ability to test on all types of devices from mobiles and tablets to laptops and office monitors that your clients might have.

Technical details

  • retina-ready display
  • physical device size
  • fixed real life device size proportion
  • scalable device viewport
  • stored device list and viewport setting
  • native and CSS resolution
  • OS specific scrollbar setting
  • device market share
  • localhost testing
  • secure HTTPS port
Responsive design tool illustration

Made for agencies and designers
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Device spectrum for website responsiveness presentation Device list for resposnively designed website presentation tool

listing the most used devices (new devices added regularly based on the members' requests)

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